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A23 Realtors is a professionally managed company providing consultancy services in Real Estate to cater the growing needs of various segments specially in Commercial/Retail/ Financial Institutions etc. The Company has commenced its commercial operations in 2018, with the corporate hands on experience in the field from last 18 years. The company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality consultancy, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The company has always strived hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys an extremely resonant reputation in the real estate industry.

What we do?

* Market analysis of the requirement
* Identification of legally complaint options.
* Arranging Inspection of the Property.
* Obtaining detailed proposals from the property owner with all terms and conditions.
* Streamlining meeting of property owners and the client.
* Lease term negotiations based on market knowledge and current trends.
* Obtaining copies of the premises documentation for legal vetting . Ensuring adherence to commitments by property owner as per pre-drawn schedule.
* Lease closure and ensuring the committed delivery of terms by the property owners.

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